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By: ClassBubs 4:56 am November 13, 2021

Meet the New Educators on ClassBubs!


Getting kids engaged and excited about learning is key to the success of any enrichment program. The best programs motivate children to use their newfound skills and spark lifelong interest in learning. Kids love learning about the world around them and how things work. ClassBubs provides parents with an opportunity to explore a variety of enrichment options that will help them engage their children’s mind, body & spirit while broadening their knowledge, skills as well as imagination. To give parents a breadth of choice to explore what kinds of enrichment classes best suit their kids, ClassBubs has partnered with a variety of awesome enrichment education providers in Singapore. 

A. SmallGiant Music

SmallGiant Music (SGM)  is a child-focused music school. They provide both group and individual music sessions. They push and encourage their pupils as they express their thoughts and feelings via the world of sound and music, making music sessions pleasurable. SGM is dedicated to assisting each child in their own unique way! They keep class numbers small, with a maximum of 4 kids per class, and they encourage parents to join in on the fun. Their musical activities seek to teach youngsters how to appreciate and love music while also teaching them the foundations of music such as rhythm and pitch. With fun musical exercises, SGM’s teachers help your kid develop motor skill coordination, auditory abilities, and much more.

B. Creatopia

As we grow older, our inner creative sparks fade as we become engrossed in our daily routines and work lives. That’s why Creatopia provides a variety of creative classes to keep your kiddo’s creative fires burning strong. Get inspired and learn right from the source, and let those creative sparks rub off on you as well! They offer programs that encourage self-exploration, stimulates imagination and instills critical thinking in your kids. 

C. Karate Nation

Karate Nation is a framework developed by the founder, Cyril Martins, with the goal of promoting and introducing the advantages of karate to children & young adults via the development of physical strength, social skills, self confidence, all while learning the fundamental principles of karate. Their comprehensive curriculum will provide students a thorough karate experience, including all facets of the sport, in sessions customized to each age group. Students are at the heart of the curriculum, which aims to improve their abilities and deepen their love for karate and its basic principles.

D. Avant-Garde Art Space

Avant-Garde Art Space (AGAS) offers personalized art lessons that focus on the development of Cognitive abilities in each kid in order to meet the growing demand for art education. They provide a wide range of lessons, including sketching, painting and crafts. As they mix and blend their way towards learning a new art, kids learn to explore a range of sketching techniques and media as the first step into exploring the arts, as well as the foundations of Color Theory and brush techniques.

E. Pink School Bus

The PinkSchoolBus has a dedicated team who loves children and their core of pursuit is to ensure that every child not only has an enjoyable time but also be equipped with basic knowledge of the themes and subject matter of every interaction. Their enrichment classes and holiday camps are designed with robust activities that are fun, interactive, engaging and educational. They have developed a programme on Morals and Virtues for kids aged 4 and up. Kids are introduced to 10 captivating and interesting stories from their specially picked English fiction with character reference and storyline to build the foundation of each virtue and from there, each merit is further enhanced through the core essentials of learning such as application with worksheets, hands-on craft and language empowerment!

F. The Young Maker

The Young Maker is an education hub to impart coding literacy and STEM learning to all children from 5 to 12 years old. Their courses are designed to inspire children to explore and find their own passions in topics such as coding & robotics. The Young Maker believes every child deserves a quality education that will equip them for life and pushes them to develop their fullest potential.

G. Noebael

Neobael is a 21st century online enrichment platform for children (7 to 11 years). They design and deliver high quality learning by tackling the ‘Why’ first. Their global classrooms are designed with an online-first approach empowering children and educators across the world to connect, collaborate and imagine. Neobael has exciting modules for kids that help them to develop problem solving skills along with other essential soft skills.

H. Whipper Tennis Academy

Whipper Tennis Academy has experienced tennis coaches and mentors to help kids achieve their professional or personal goal in the sport. All their tennis coaches have been carefully selected based on qualifications and relevant coaching experience. They are great with kids & possess excellent communication skills, and are enthusiastic, energetic, respectful and punctual. Whipper Tennis Academy organises many exciting tennis events for kids assuring you hours of fun and better appreciation of the sport!

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