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By: ClassBubs 6:47 am February 2, 2022

Meet our New Educators


ClassBubs is a growing community of valued enrichment educators and like minded parents. Our goal is to help the parents with their child’s holistic development. We have had a pleasure of working with some of the phenomenal educators in Singapore and are on our way to onboard some more!

Meet our newest addition to the community of enrichment educators at ClassBubs.


1. Virtual baby sitter


When creativity, imagination, company, and tales can all go hand-in-hand, screen time may not be so terrible! TheVirtualBabysitter’s charm will keep your kids entertained on many levels. This online baby sitter is a whirlwind of talent and entertainment for kids.
She organizes a variety of different story telling sessions, drama camps and even parties with the kids, all ONLINE!

Tell me, how cool does that sound?

I love when my babysitting kids introduce books to me! Read this book at a storytelling party I hosted (yes, I also host parties!). It’s such a clever and funny book and questions the traditional narrative of fairy tales. Who says a princess al

2. InnoSage

Little Sage is an online platform that offers children some of the best educational philosophies and teaching methods from around the world with the luxury of a simple click. They have a proven track record at their premium preschools in Singapore. 


Now they are offering that to students around the globe. The mission of their online Chinese class is to help children attain proficiency so they can use it regularly in the real world, such as in social settings, business meetings, written communication, or even living in China.

3. Little Coders

The Little coder team teaches children how to code for ages 4 & up. They provide a safe, nurturing space for children to grow, learn and play. Your children deserve nothing but the best, so bring them here for an inviting environment that encourages curiosity and fun. 


Their courses are designed to be a gentle and fun introduction to the world of computer science. Students will learn how to create programs with sequences, loops, and events. Throughout the course, students will develop investigation and critical thinking skills, and learn how to be persistent in the face of difficulty. 


By the end of the course, students will create interactive games that they can share with family and friends. 



4. Ministry of Games


Ministry of Games is an exciting place for kids to have fun with educational games and workshop activities to develop a child’s inborn potential.


They offer contextualized programs and services for different age groups. They also run our exclusive workshop such as ” Money Whiz” to impart financial literacy in an introduction to Money, Wise Spending and Importance of Savings.


They work based on a holistic approach that covers the process of the Finding-Knowing-Becoming methodology. Ministry of Games believes in creating a synergy of fun and learning!


5. Whipper Tennis


Whipper has experienced tennis coaches and mentors to help your kids achieve their professional or personal goals in the sport. All their tennis coaches have been carefully selected based on qualifications and relevant coaching experience. 

They are great with children and adults, possess excellent communication skills, and are enthusiastic, energetic, respectful, and punctual.

Whipper Tennis organise many exciting tennis events for both kids & adults assuring you hours of fun and better appreciation of the sport!

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