Importance of enrichment classes for kids

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By: ClassBubs 6:34 am February 2, 2022

Importance of enrichment classes for kids


Importance of enrichment classes for your kids 


The importance of enrichment for kids has never been greater. Kids in today’s highly competitive & tech-driven world need to have a variety of skills to succeed, and we all know that school doesn’t provide everything. That’s why it is essential that parents take time to find enrichment classes  that help develop kids holistically and make them well-rounded individuals. 


In this blog, we will discuss the importance of enrichment and how ClassBubs can help you find the best suited  enrichment & extracurricular classes for your little ones.


What is enrichment?


Enrichment can be defined as adding to and improving the current level of knowledge, understanding or skills. Enrichment classes   are a great way to bring joy and excitement to your child’s life. These fun classes allow them to discover new interests and passions as well as develop new skills, making them smarter, more creative and more versatile. After all, learning should be fun, not a chore!

Therefore, enrichment should be  an integral part of a child’s holistic education & learning journey. Through enrichment classes, learning is extended beyond the school’s classroom and it gives children many new opportunities to have hands-on experiential learning in niche areas. It also allows them to deepen their interests that is simply not possible within normal school hours. For most children, in this way, enrichment classes supplement their regular school work and allow for additional learning opportunities. 

Importance of enrichment classes for kids


Beyond the additional learning opportunities and benefits of developing new interests, enrichment classes benefit children in many ways.  In fact, we have seen that enrichment classes can help build a child’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills. 

Here are some key areas enrichment classes can help your child’s overall learning & development: 


Improving academic performance 

Many enrichment classes  focus on also helping to improve  a child’s scholastic performance in traditional classroom settings.

Building  self-esteem  

If your child is involved in sports, theater classes or other activities where he must interact with others, his self-esteem and confidence levels are likely to improve as they learn to establish their sense of self. 

Improving social skills 

Your child will  be exposed to children from different backgrounds, which can open their  eyes to new ideas, experiences and opportunities, while also helping to improve communication & leadership skills.

Developing empathy 

Most enrichment classes include elements of team building and group interactions that help children feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, and they are able to feel connected to others.  .

Helping you bond with your child 

Enrichment classes  also offer parents the opportunity to spend time with their children outside of the traditional classroom environment, whether it is taking them to and fro classes or if there are parent-accompanied opportunities as well. This can strengthen family bonds and improve communication between parents and children.


How can ClassBubs help you?

We’re parents, just like you, who believe that the world is a better place when parents are their best selves.   In our own ways, we have realized that moms and dads are overwhelmed with juggling work and family. This is why we’ve created Classbubs: to help make parents’ lives easier.

When it comes to raising well-rounded kids and providing them with a holistic education to ensure they are more than well-equipped for the future, it’s hard to know where to start! Today, the world is more competitive than ever. Kids need to be encouraged and exposed to a wide variety of disciplines and areas of knowledge throughout their growing journey. Learning should be fun, engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking — not something kids dread. 

ClassBubs helps parents to discover and book kids’ enrichment & extracurricular classes all under one app. We have a wide variety of classes ranging from art, dance, sports, technology, wellness and much much more! Each day we are growing and adding more education providers  to our platform.

Our platform lets parents search classes by date, location, age group, category and it also allows for easy booking. To build a trusted peer review system, parents are encouraged to review the education providers after their experience so that the whole community can benefit! 


Now that you know what enrichment classes are and their importance, be sure to download our ClassBubs app on iOs and Android and don’t forget to check out some awesome classes for your kiddos! 


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