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Sparkd is Asia’s first Brain and Fitness Hub bringing together state-of-the-art science-based technologies to train the body and brain. Utilizing proven methodologies, intelligent programming, and cognitive-motor training, Sparkd offers a unique new way to be on top of your game. Discover a new way of training and be one of the first to experience the future of fitness.

- Sparkd Fitness

Located in the garden city of Singapore, with its many parks and green spaces scattered over the island, Roots and Boots reflects the unique approach to outdoor learning that is the Forest School, and adapts it to the urban landscape and society. Roots and Boots believes that a deeper understanding of ourselves, as well as the world we live in, can be gained through time spent in the natural environment.

- Roots and Boots

Mille Studio Art is group of art lovers sharing their passion for art with children. The believe art can brighten one's life. Their mission is to help students paint a colorful rainbow in their childhood. Their teachers are fun and extremely friendly, to whom your child can be entrusted for a great learning journey. Their =programs are uniquely designed to help students make steady progress. Their fun and interesting teaching materials together with unconventional teaching methods will provide your child a joyful learning experience.

- Mille Studio Art

Robotics Connection is passionate to provide robotics enrichment courses for all ages. Their mission is to nurture a creative child through new technologies such as Bluetooth, intelligent sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI). They have conducted numerous robotics workshops and courses in local and international schools, corporates, community clubs, and mega-events over the past 11 years. Every participant will explore the wonderful world of science and technologies through hands-on robots building, programming, and of course fun competitions. They strive to develop the scientists and engineers of tomorrow!

- Robotics Connection

There is no one-size-fits-all parenting method. Conscious Parenting helps parents to find their own personal way of parenting and offers multiple classes for parents and caregivers (helpers, teachers) on various parenting topics such as how to deal with negative emotions, build resilience, confidence, and self-esteem, implement conscious discipline, foster sibling love. Conscious Parenting Training also offers practical classes with weekly Baby's and Toddler's Playgroups.

- Conscious Parenting

AY Yoga Angelita Yauretsi offers yoga classes and workshops for kids and mums&bubs in Singapore. They are 4 well-experienced yoga teachers, holding classes in three different locations in Singapore. Most of the classes are outdoors, at Botanic Gardens or Fort Canning, some are semi outdoors at their Boutique Home Studio in Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens.

- AY Yoga Angelita Yauretsi

Children at Speech Academy Asia will be learning the important aspects to character development, such as leadership and entrepreneurial skills, using their Speech Linguistic Patterns and Neuro Somantics methodology. These teaching methodology contain thousands of methods for improving body language, voice, emotions, and speech crafting! By incorporating highly engaging games into their curriculum, children will learn the essentials to mastering public speaking. The development of such transferable skills or otherwise, ‘employability’ skill is considered vital in today’s society since academic achievements can no longer guarantee future success.

- Speech Academy Asia

BazGym is an award-winning school teaching gymnastics to children of all ages and abilities. Their combination of great coaches, world-class facilities, and structured programmes has allowed them to build strong children who gain strength, flexibility, and coordination through learning gymnastics skills. They have been awarded Gymnastics Club of the year numerous times for their excellence in developing children.

- BazGym

Ruma Rajkumar is an artist and a stage set designer. The artist is a fine art graduate and has been practising and teaching art for the past 12 years. She has formally taught art in school and has also conducted many classes and painting workshops for children and adults in her own studio. The artist believes that art is natural to all of us, as children we all love to draw, we just lose touch with our spontaneous expressions as we grow up. Ruma's art classes are designed to help children explore, engage and express through art. The classes are theme based which are introduced to them through the artworks of known artist and his style to expand their knowledge, expression and skill in art.

- Ruma Rajkumar

Tinkercademy is the education programmes brand of Tinkertanker Pte. Ltd., where they teach coding and tinkering to students of all ages. United by their passion for technology since their time in Raffles Institution, the founding team includes two former MOE teachers and a PayPal software engineer, bringing together their expertise in education and industrial experience. Since 2011 Tinkercademy has conducted several courses for schools and the public. They believe everyone should be empowered to enjoy creating with technology, and take pride in having inspired delight and wonder in such creation over the years.

- Tinkercademy

Nothing brings friends & family together, the same way Food does. The Little Things seek to bring more children into the kitchen to explore a world of food, ingredients, getting their hands dirty… and of course, to savour the fruits of their labour! While whipping up their feasts, and having a ball of a time while at it, children pick up many crucial skills, like language, numeracy, science, problem-solving, working in teams, motor skills, and much, much more. The kitchen is a treasure trove of lessons - and we want to share them with every child!

- The Little Things