Art Classes for Kids in Singapore (Ages: 4-12)

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By: ClassBubs 8:10 am July 22, 2021

Art Classes for Kids in Singapore (Ages: 4-12)


Art classes, workshops and camps for kids are super popular in Singapore and there are plenty of great class options across the island and even online! These art classes provide an enjoyable and gratifying method of learning that encourages kids to exercise creativity and broaden their imagination while honing their art skills and developing their fine motor skills.

If your children are natural artists, teaching them to paint and sketch in a pleasant and engaging setting is arguably the finest parenting decision you’ll make. We have curated a list of art classes for kids in Singapore that will excite your child and help him or her develop important skills. These classes make learning through art exciting and fun!

1) Art Wonderland 

Art Wonderland is helmed by the people behind Amazing Art Shuttle, an experienced art education company with over a decade of experience providing art classes for kids. Art Wonderland was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing a fun, loving, and caring atmosphere for children of all ages to study art. Their enthusiastic Creative Wonderland teachers will engage your children in a range of art materials and methods, allowing them to relate their classroom learning to their daily lives and experiences. The art program is based on research, experimentation, and a variety of art pedagogies. They developed a curriculum that would engage youngsters in becoming confident and autonomous art producers after a decade of research and teaching.

Location: 37 Middle Road #03-00 Uweei Building

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2) Brave New Worlds

At Brave New Worlds, kids learn to ask questions like “are our senses always reliable?” and “do we need rules?” in strange new environments. Each module lasts 5-10 weeks and allows students to undertake research and experiment with various ways of thinking while representing their learning through art. They utilize art-making as a fun and accessible approach for youngsters to develop critical and creative thinking abilities. They guide students through each philosophical subject using their unique 5E Approach in combination with Harvard Piece Zero’s Visible Thinking Routines, allowing them to build critical and creative thinking abilities while expressing their thoughts through an art project.

Location: 12 Holland Ave / Jalan Kuras (Upper Thomson)

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3) Mille Studio Art

Mille Studio Art is a group of art enthusiasts that like sharing their enthusiasm for painting with both children and adults. They believe that art has the ability to improve one’s life. Their goal is to assist kids in creating a vibrant rainbow in their infancy and adulthood. Teachers at Mille Studio Art are nurturing, entertaining, and highly pleasant, and you or your kid may entrust your learning path to them. Their curriculum packages are specifically intended to assist pupils in maintaining a constant pace of learning. Their engaging instructional materials, along with innovative teaching methods, will ensure that you or your kid has a positive learning experience.

Location:  Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #02-4220 Block 728

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4) Ruma’s Art Studio

Ruma Rajkumar is an artist and a stage set designer. She has been practicing and teaching art for the past 12 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She believes that each kid has a vivid imagination, and art serves as a vehicle for expressing that creativity. These art workshops are intended to assist students in exploring, engaging, and expressing themselves through painting. The lessons are centered on themes that are presented to them through the works of well-known artists and their styles in order to broaden their knowledge, expression, and competence in painting.

Location: Online

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