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ClassBubs is a one-stop platform that helps parents to discover, book & review kids' extracurricular classes.

We want to make the lives of our ClassBubs parents easier by being their trusted companion & advisor for all of their kids' holistic learning & development needs. We also want to help every ClassBubs kid enhance self-expression, kindle self-discovery and foster self-concept through the variety of classes we offer.

Our Vision

We nurture today’s kids to be the next generation of happy, confident, empowered adults.

our mission

We provide the most reliable place for families to discover the world of kids’ extracurricular classes for a holistic education.

founder's story

Christina Sok-Cabrera was a first-time mom looking for classes to take her toddler and she was frustrated with the fragmented marketplace that made it cumbersome to find and book kids' classes. Finding the whole process inconvenient, she spoke to other parents and found they shared similar pain points. At the same time, after extensive research, Christina found that traditional curricula and mainstream schools didn't fully cater to the kind of educational experience and holistic development she wanted for her child; she wanted to be able to curate a program for her kids herself, reflecting her own family's values. That was the spark for ClassBubs. Christina envisions changing the way parents look at education by creating an ecosystem for holistic education. She wants to empower families to take charge and design their own children's educational experiences, and ClassBubs is helping her reach more families around the globe.